These four simple questions helped Anthony Chadwick go from running a small vet practice in the UK to overseeing a global, multi-million dollar high-tech business.

- 1 -

In 2010, Anthony Chadwick was losing passion for his job despite the fact that he had wanted to be a vet since the age of 8. He couldn’t focus on his passion - helping animals. Instead, he had to put most of his time into managing the clinic and his team as well as ensuring that the clinic was making a return on the sizeable investment required to open it. As if that wasn’t enough, he also had to complete professional development training hours, mandatory for every vet in the UK.
“Every hour of the CPD requirements would take me three to four hours to accrue. I’d also have to attend two or three-day conferences, which meant I had to pay hotel and food bills on top of my travel expenses. The resulting 35 hours of my CPD would cost me thousands of pounds to accomplish.”
That year, Anthony went to an internet conference where he met Steven Essa, an online webinar expert.
“I had my lightbulb moment,” said Anthony. “I thought what would happen if a vet could take advantage of the power of the internet and accrue the relevant knowledge to fulfill the CPD requirements online? The solution came to me instantly - webinars for vets.”
Anthony realised that he could solve his biggest problem and become his own customer by creating Webinar Vet.

- 2 -

Anthony began organising webinars, which received a very positive response from both vets and companies in the industry. With that in mind, he introduced memberships and now has more than 40,000 members. The growth was very organic.
“Impressed with the numbers we were attracting, companies started asking to do webinars with us. Their sales people would then go out and tell people about the webinar we were hosting. Also, once vets had attended our webinar, they would be in our database, and we would continue to market to them. We quickly built a big community, and for the first five years, we didn’t even have a marketing team because other people were marketing for us.”
A sponsorship at Webinar Vet may cost a company up to £8,000 per webinar, while a guest lecturer receives around £300 for a few hours of the webinar as well as the royalties for the sold webinar recordings. By recruiting guest speakers, Anthony freed up his time and acted only as a facilitator and creator of the platform. In turn, 10% of his time now gives him 80-90% of his income.
Anthony also credits much of his success to having a greater purpose and serving his community.
“Webinar Vet has helped reduce stress levels among the vets, and we have a high suicide rate in the profession. A number of people have told me that through the webinars, I’ve helped them to get their mojo back or even overcome depression.”

- 3 -

With all his success in the UK, Anthony was hoping to go global, but this expansion didn’t go quite as smoothly. His overseas partners struggled to adopt his complex business model and required a great deal of Anthony’s time to help them adapt it to their respective countries’ models. This is where meeting Roger Hamilton, a social entrepreneur and futurist, and joining his Crystal Circle, a high-level mentoring for entrepreneurs, was instrumental.
“I shared with Anthony the difference between magnify and multiply strategies,” remembers Roger. “Multiply is when you make something simple and then create many, whereas magnify is when you have one thing and make it more complex. I told Anthony that the multiply strategy wasn’t the right one for him because what he was doing wasn’t simple. His value wasn’t in the business system but in his contacts and the way he has structured the community in the UK; these weren’t easy to multiply. He was better off with the magnify strategy.”
With the multiply strategy, you are asking how it could happen without you, whereas the magnify strategy is about increasing your brand attraction and having more people come to you. Roger explained how Anthony adopted the magnify model.
“Instead of trying to find other people doing what Anthony was doing in their own countries, he was going to reach out to vets around the world. This was how we created a virtual global vet conference. He could now have vets come to him from all over the world, and he was able to manage it all from the UK.”
The conference proved to be a huge success with thousands of people attending from around the world. As a result, it became largest vet conference on the planet, occurring annually.

- 4 -

Anthony wanted to grow his company further, but he was struggling to attract investors. Roger pointed out to Anthony that he should stop thinking of his company as a medical company.
“I told him that as a webinar company, he was actually an online business, and he could obtain a very different evaluation if he presented it as a tech company. The moment he decided to do so, he received interest from people because he was able to share his business vision in terms of growth as a tech company.”
Anthony managed to raise half-a-million dollars in investment, which would have been nearly impossible if he hadn’t made the simple shift in thinking and had remained a medical company.
Since that investment, Anthony’s ability to think globally and as a tech company has continued to grow. His virtual webinar conference has again doubled in size since last year, and it now attracts thousands of vets from around the world. He also invested in one of the first apps, which is still in development, for hololens lens for VR diagnosis of animals.
Even more exciting, Anthony’s only at the beginning of his journey. The products and services he is providing in the UK have yet to be created in other countries around the globe.
Anthony’s story is a great example for those who are in professions in which it is too easy to assume that you can’t grow much just by selling your expertise.